"Play the Brampton City United Way"

Why join Brampton City United FC?
Ask these question to find out why you should move to Brampton City United FC.

Why bring your team to Brampton City United?

Simple question, does your current club provide any coaching for the coaches? 
Do they help coaches to become better coaches?
Coach Juan will work with coaches of the teams that come to BCUFC and help them become better coaches and to teach them the Brampton City United way. 

Contact us if you have any questions, come by for a free session and to talk to Juan or Loreto about the programs.

Is your current coach showing up prepared with a session plan and has a season long training schedule with the correct skill development program?

​​Like a school teacher you need to teach them how to add and subtract before you teach them to multiply. The skill development is a process and players need to learn the correct items in the correct order.  What good is teaching a player game strategy if when he receives the ball he cannot control it and loses it.  

Is your coach a professional coach?
​Head coach Juan Barreto is a professional coach, this is his job!  If your son’s school teacher is not a certified teacher would you accept it?  A coach is a teacher, you should expect a certified professional coach.

Joining our club

Is your son’s most fundamental skills at the correct level? 

Coach Juan teaches his players, he talks to his players, he engages his players to learn.  He does not talk down to them, berate them and tell them to do sit-ups as a punishment because they did not understand the coach’s instructions.

If you are serious about your son’s skill development and to learn correct life lessons you need a professional to teach them.