We are always looking for Players and teams to join our Elite teams.  We provide individual try outs during any time of year. 

We will work with players and teams to join our club at any time of year.

Producing Elite Soccer Players since 2002

Brampton City United FC promotes a solid foundation approach.  We concentrate on passing, receiving, dribbling and shooting; with the correct foundation players will have the confidence to move to the more advance skills.

BCUFC would like to congratulate Andy in receiving an invitation to the TFC tryout.

Way to go Andy!!!

We are currently still looking for players to join our 2004 boys team.  Please contact us @ tryouts.bcufc@yahoo.com.  

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Joining our club

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BCUFC players have advance to Paris Saint-Germain academy, Givova academy in Italy and numerous U.S universities.  We build a foundation that is highly sought after.

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"Play the Brampton City United Way"

BCUFC would like to announce our newest sponsor AZ Towing

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